Laser Garment Printing

Your options are endless with full color laser garment printing

This is what we think is the sweet spot for custom garment printing. You can print on just about anything and you get beautiful full color every time. You can do a few items or a few thousand all with consistently high-quality results from first to last, and from batch to batch.

We can fulfill small or large custom orders. Call 715-891-0479 now for an estimate.

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Laser Garment Printing FAQ

What is the average turnaround time for laser garment printing apparel?

Our average order turnaround time is 2 weeks after the items are received. However, if you need your products sooner than that (we understand that things happen), we will do our best to accommodate even the strictest of deadlines.

If you have an order that you need filled immediately and everyone else has turned you away, call us immediately at 715-891-0479. We’d be happy to help.

What kinds of graphics can I print with a garment printer?

Almost anything - from portraits to logos to custom designs. The real key is the QUALITY of the graphic you're printing from - good contrast, high resolution, large bitmapped images print very well, and vector images print even better!

How many colors will the printer produce?

CMYK inks allow you to produce MILLIONS of different colors. These are the same ink colors used by 4 color process printers when printing brochures or other professionally printed pieces. The only difference is that laser garment printer inks are formulated to stick to garments instead of paper.

Will the ink from a laser printer withstand washing?

Yes, when the ink is properly heat-set it bonds with the material. For best results, always wash laser printed items inside out, in cold water, and dry on low heat or line dry. Do not use bleach on laser printed garments.

What types of fabric are best for laser garment printing?

We can print on almost any fabric that won't be damaged by the heat-setting process and that will absorb the ink. 100% polyester and 6.1 ounce cotton work well because they absorb the ink very well. Cotton-poly blends also work well.

What image file types are acceptable?

There are two types of images: raster and vector. Raster images use pixels. The higher number of pixels an image contains, the better resolution it will have; better quality prints. Pixels have a direct effect on the scaling capabilities of an image. The more pixels an image contains, the larger it can be scaled without becoming boxy, or “pixelated.”

Vector images, however, use mathematical calculations between two different points to create geometrical shapes. The process itself uses lines instead of pixels, and because of that, they are infinitely scalable. No matter how large you scale a vector image, it will not lose its quality. When you view a photo on a computer screen, it usually requires a fairly low PPI (Pixels Per Inch) count – around 72, generally. For digital viewing, that’s fine. But when it comes to embroidery or printing, , the higher the PPI count, the better. Ideally, we request customers submit artork at 300 PPI.

BEST Formats:

  • AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • EPS - Encapsulated postscript
  • TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
  • PDF - Portable Document Format

Acceptable Formats: The larger the image size the better

  • JPG, JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • PSD - Photoshop Document 
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphic
  • PCT - Apple Picture format
Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity for laser printing.